Rapid Thermal Process System

The Rapid Thermal Process Ovens allow the heat treatment for a single Wafer up to 6” size. The quartz chamber is hermetically sealed and can be loaded manual by using metal or quartz trays which can carry wafers from 3” size up to 6”. Program controlled gas lines with flow meters or mass flow controllers allow the usage of different gases, like Nitrogen or forming gas. By connecting an external pump the furnace is made vacuum capable. Key features are precise controlled fast ramp-up and ramp-down rates which are 75°C/second for ramp-up and a free programmable ramp down rate (e.g. T=600°C down to 400°C with up to 200K/minute). These steps are programmable from room temperature up to maximum 1000°C (max. 1 minute).

Rapid thermal process (RTP) system UniTemp UTP 1100R
Max. ramp up rate: 75°C/s
Applicable temperature range: 30°C - 1000°C
Process chamber: 214 mm x 325 mm x 40mm (LxWxH)
Heating: with infrared lamps: Total power 18 kW