Sputter system

The Ardenne LS 320 S sputter system is used for the deposition of thin films. The source material (the target) and the sample holder carrying the substrates are connected to opposing terminals of a high-voltage power supply. The target is bombarded with energetic argon ions which are created in a gas discharge between the two electrodes. The energy transfer causes target atoms to eject and condensate on the substrate. Due to the high Ar-pressures, typically 10-1 to 10-3 mbar, the approach angles of the target atoms are so randomized that the resulting film has uniform thickness even over nonflat surfaces. The sputter source is RF-powered allowing the deposition of both conducting and insulating materials. Up to three targets can be mounted simultanously, making the system suitable for multilayer deposition. The system is further equipped with a substrate heater and a reactive gas inlet.

Sputter Targets: Au, Ti, Al, ZnSe, ITO, SiOx
Reactive gas inlet: O2
Maximum substrate size: 2"
RF power: max. 300 W
Substrate temperature range: max. 300 °C